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Carry on baggage

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Last update: 14 Oct 2016
Carry on baggage

Baggage type: Carry on

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
55 x 40 x 23cm / 21,5 x 16 x 9in

Height: 55cm / 21,5 in

Length: 40cm / 16in

Width: 23cm / 9in

Max allowed weight: 8kg / 17,6lbs

Number of baggages: 1


Please note the EU cabin baggage regulations » for liquids:

  • Individual liquid containers must not contain more than 100 ml
  • You may transport a maximum of 10 containers in your hand baggage
  • Any liquids must be carried in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag that holds a maximum of 1 litre

Passengers traveling in Business Class can take a second piece of hand baggage. (Also applies to FlyFlex+ bookings made before before 12.07.2016)

In addition, the following items may be taken aboard if the passenger is dependent on them:

  • a wheelchair (to be left at the gate);
  • a pair of crutches and/or splints, other prostheses;
  • a doctor's bag.
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Checked baggage

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Last update: 14 Oct 2016
Checked baggage

Baggage type: Checked Baggage

Max total allowed size (Height + Length + Width):
not exceed total 158cm / 62in with handles & wheels

Max allowed weight: 23kg/ 50,7lbs

Number of baggages: 3


Business Class passenger is allowed to 3 checked baggagies up to 32kg/70lb each baggage.


The free baggage allowance for children up to 11 years old includes a checked bag weighing up to 23 kg (except in Economy Light or JustFly bookings made before 12/7/2016). We transport buggies/prams, children’s car seats and travel cots for accompanying children free of charge.

Detailed baggage fees on the official Air Berlin Airlines site »
Full baggage policy on the official Air Berlin Airlines site »


Last update: 25 Oct 2016

Airberlin is one of the most popular airlines to travel with for passengers who are looking to fly within the European Union. They offer a diverse number of services for their passengers but the most important of all is their baggage services. To start with, their baggage services are determined by the airfares that have been booked by the passengers. They can choose to travel Economy Light, Economy Saver, Economy Classic,Economy Flex, Business Saver, Business Classic and Business Flex. These classifications are narrowed down further to short,medium and long-haul flights to reflect the distances of the destinations.

In the medium haul and short haul flights, the checked baggage allowance varies. For those flying Economy Light, the checked in baggage is booked on an optional basis at a cost, for those flying Economy classic the checked in baggage allowed is only a single piece weighing a maximum of 23kgs, while for those flying Economic Flex two pieces of checked in baggage with a maximum weight of 23kg each is acceptable. Besides, cabin baggage with dimensions of 55cm x 40 cm x 23 cm is allowed for passengers in the categories outlined earlier at no cost. For those flying Economy Flex, two pieces of checked baggage weighing a maximum of 32kg each is allowed together with an additional 2 pieces of cabin baggage.

In the long haul flights, passengers flying Economic saver and Economic classic can carry a single piece of checked baggage that weighs a maximum of 23kgs while the Economic Flex passengers can carry two pieces of checked baggage weighing only 23kg. Cabin baggage acceptable in these categories is a single piece with dimensions of 55cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. In comparison, the Business Saver, Business Classic and Business Flex passengers are allowed 2 pieces of checked baggage weighing a maximum of 32 kg and 2 pieces of cabin baggage of the outlined dimensions.

Subsequently, carry on baggage weighing 8 kgs is allowed for the passengers as long as the dimensions do not exceed 55cm x 40 cm and 23 cm. Further, each passenger will be allowed to carry either a laptop case, handbag or a gentleman's bag weighing only 2kg with dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm. However, the Business Flex passengers can carry a second piece of hand luggage.

In instances where heavy loading results, the passenger will be requested to hand in their hand baggage for storage in the cargo hold. This is because space for hand baggage is limited and the safety of passengers is always given priority.

Airberlin extends free transportation for car seats, travel cots and prams for children accompanying their guardians. For children who are eleven years and below, a checked baggage of maximum weight of 23 kg is allowed. Additionally, passengers with special needs will be allowed to carry items they need for their use in the plane. This includes items like wheelchairs and crutches. Professionals like doctors are also allowed to carry extra baggage that contains professional equipment.

The airline has partnered with an organization called Dolfi 1920 to handle incidences that involve baggage being damaged. This organization will do an inspection of damaged baggage and either repair the baggage for the passenger or recommend a replacement for it. Passengers are advised to report baggage damage incidents upon arriving at their destinations or seven days after receiving the damaged baggage. They can report such incidents by either writing to Dolfi 1920 to the address provided or by talking to an officer at the local baggage counter. In addition to this, they also have an option of reporting online by filling a complaint form that can be obtained from the airline's website. This process also applies when reporting on any damage to content, content loss. In the case of misdirected baggage, the same process applies although the report should be filed within 21 days.

Any baggage loss should be reported immediately at the Lost and Found counter from where a 5 days search will be initiated which if not successful a further 5-day search will be conducted by the Baggage Tracing Service. For personal items that happen to be missing from the cabin area, a report should be filed at the Lost and Found counter. If assistance is not forthcoming then it should be reported on the 20th of the following month to the Baggage Tracing Service.
Passengers are advised that should they be interested in carrying any liquids, they should limit them to containers of 100ml and only a maximum of 10 such containers are allowed on board per passenger. All containers should be carried in a one-liter plastic bag which can be resealed.

Due to safety concerns,there are specific items that are prohibited. These include; Substances with magnetizing abilities, any kind of weapons, explosives, flammable items and sharp objects. Lithium batteries are allowed in the cabin baggage but not more than a total of two with a rating of 160 wh are allowed as an extra. In situations where a passenger desires to carry such batteries, permission should be obtained from the airline in advance. Any kinds of toy guns, nail scissors, needles used for knitting and sports rackets should be carried in the checked in baggage while e-cigarettes can be carried in the hand baggage or on the passenger.

In conclusion, it is recommended that important documents, any item that is perishable, fragile substances , items of high value should not be carried in the checked baggage.

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