Smart Packing Tips for Moving by Plane

Packing tips are a must read great for ensuring your travel as light as possible for a flight. Essentially, any addition of weight in your luggage means an extra baggage expense. Travelers must, therefore, strike a balance between traveling light and carrying everything they will need for their stay in their destination. Notably, airlines differ significantly on the baggage limits. Certain airlines may, however, give an allowance of say two bags for each traveler.

One of the golden traveling tips is to make a packing list. Ensure that you list down every item you intend to have in your luggage. To avoid forgetting to carry all the items you will need, it is prudent that you start making a list early enough. Making a packing list early ensures that anything that you might remember afterward can be included before you can leave.

Where one is not sure if exactly what to include on the packing list, they can consider checking out some of the packing lists that are available online. Travel blogs are a convenient source in this regard.

Making a packing list also comes in handy when deciding the ideal size for your travel suitcase. Noteworthy, the suitcase size must be determined on the intended stay. Most importantly, one should avoid packing unnecessary items. More so, if you will be traveling remain in a hotel you may need not carry certain amenities such as soaps, sandals, and conditioners.

Further, when packing, the goal must always be to travel with as little baggage as possible. To this extent, ensure to maximize on packing space. For instance, when packing clothes, the golden rule is that one should not fold clothes but rather should fold them. Folding clothes also avoids clothes getting creased. In this regard, fold clothes as tightly as possible. Every space in the suitcase should be utilized with say folding in the small items such as underwear and socks.

Travelers also need to check the climate of their destination so; you do not carry unnecessary clothes. Certain clothes’ materials also tend to take up more space than other’s does and perhaps you might avoid carrying such clothes. Another valuable tip is to pack the luggage and let it settle overnight before the actual travel date. A study in this regard has shown that letting your packed luggage settle overnight reduces the luggage weight up to 8 percent by its own.

Packing cubes and compression bags also offer an ideal packing space for clothes when traveling by plane. The advantage compression bags is that they tend to compress clothes thus save on packing space. They present a good option more so when traveling during winter because travelers can comfortably pack bulky clothes. Packing cubes, on the other hand, are ideal because clothes can be accessed quickly because they help separate different items.

More so, consider packing in the new models of suitcases as they are built to maximize on packing space. The modern suitcases also tend to be lightweight. Besides, the last weight you need in your baggage must be the weight of an empty suitcase.

Another handy packing tip is about electronics. Undoubtedly, electronics take up much space because they cannot be squeezed. To cut down on luggage weight, consider carrying one or two gadgets as opposed to taking your laptop, camera, iPad, phone. More so, where a certain device can perform all your desired functions, say take photos and reply to emails, there is no need to carry all the gadgets.
Moreover, the heavier items should always be put at the bottom of the suitcase. This ensures the weight is on the lower side thus making it easier for the suitcase to be moved along the pavements or stairways.

Besides, ensure that your baggage only contains items allowed to be carried on the flight. It may be prudent therefore to check with the plane administration on the prohibited items. The common baggage restriction is about items such as aerosols, fuels, recreational oxygen, poisons, corrosives, infectious materials, firearms and sporting goods. Liquids must particularly be packed in air tight bags and should not exceed an absolute limit. Liquids here include perfumes, sprays, gels, pasts, mascara, water, soups and syrups.

With regard to traveling by plane with your pets, also ensure to check with the aircraft’s security administration in this regard to ensure that they allow travelers to have pets. One of the rules when traveling with pets is that the pets must always remain in the carrier during the flight. When purchasing a carrier for this purpose, one must ensure that the carrier is built with opaque sides, a few ventilation holes, and a grille door. The carrier must have a secure door with a door hatch. The pet carriers can be purchased from the domestic airlines or pet- supply stores.

Where the pet is allowed, they must be packed in special packing bags. Further, ensure to pack your pet’s supplies such as food, water dishes, and any required medications. You may also consider packing some of the pet’s toys so they may play as usual during your abroad stay.

Also, ensure to have an extra small bag that you could pack a few small items that you need to use during the flight. Some of the items to pack in the smaller bag could be books, face wipes and travel documents. This measure will save you the time of opening your baggage.

For travelers considering to carry their books, a good option here is to download an e-reader app and download the books you need. Travelers can also do a quick check of the weight of their luggage and if need be done certain adjustments. A valuable trick here is to wear a few of the heavy items that could reduce the weight and subsequently reduce the baggage fees.

Finally, consider hiring the services of professional to help in packing, more so, when moving with large and delicate items. Some moving companies have packing services that could come in handy. Moreover, moving companies provide special packing bags that are specially designed to carry delicate items safely.

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