Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage (Basic)
Last update: 13 Jan 2023
Cabin Baggage

Baggage type: Cabin Baggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
22 x 16 x 10 in / 55 x 40 x 25 cm

Height: 22in / 55cm

Length: 16in / 40cm

Width: 10in / 25cm

Number of baggages: 1


Vuela Classic - 1 standard cabin bag that measures 22 x 16 x 10 in (length x width x height).

Vuela Plus - 1 standard cabin bag that measures 22 x 16 x 10 in.


You can take on board those items: some liquids, backpasks, handbags, personal items, medicine, some kind of batteries. Detailed list of allowed items You can find Here>>

Full baggage policy on the official Volaris site »

Checked baggage

Checked baggage, limits, allowance, flights
Last update: 04 Oct 2016
Checked baggage

Baggage type: Checked Baggage

Max total allowed size (Height + Length + Width):
not exceed total 62in / 158cm with handles & wheels

Max allowed weight: 55lbs / 25kg

Number of baggages: 1 free of charge


You can have 4 additional bags up to 55lbs / 25kg weight. Please learn about additional fees on Official Volaris airlines site.

Please, make sure that the bag tags have right your name and the correct destination. When claiming your bags, make sure that the tag on your bag matches your receipt.


There are some rules for checked baggage:

  • Attaching two or more pieces of baggage with plastic, tape, rope or any other material is forbidden. They cannot be checked as a single item and an additional baggage fee may apply;
  • Perishable items that don’t meet the necessary conditions won’t be allowed on the plane;
Full baggage policy on the official Volaris site »

Claim Information

Claim Information
Last update: 04 Oct 2016

If You lost Your baggage, or baggage delayed or damage, please contact to airport consultant. Claim information You can find here>>


Last update: 11 Oct 2016

Volaries Airlines offers its customers flexible arrangements when it comes to baggage allowance. For instance, passengers who book flights with the airline,for both domestic and international flights,are allowed only one item of checked baggage that should weigh 55 pounds with dimensions totaling 62 inches when the length,width, and height are factored in. These limits are applicable to both adult and children passengers. It is also important to note that baggage that is excessive of the allowed weight will be charged extra fees but cannot be more than 99 pounds and a total of 78.7 inches that factors in length, width, and height. In the event that the baggage exceeds these measurements, it will be sent as air cargo. But the airline will consider an additional 4 bags that weigh 55 pounds each but after payment of additional fees and this is subject to availability of space on the booked flight.

For cabin baggage, there are several details that are important for the passengers to note. Passengers are allowed to carry only two cabin bags that are small in size with specifications of 9.8 inches, 15.7 inches and 15.7 inches for length, height, and width respectively. This applies to any baggage including backpacks, business briefcases, and handbags. An additional cabin bag that is medium in size will be allowed on board given that it is 15.7 inches in length, 12.9 inches wide and 22.4 inches long. However, any passenger who wishes to carry cabin baggage that exceeds these specified limits should be ready to pay additional fees. It is also required that passengers carrying any medicine that is prescribed or not to inform the airline for inspection. This condition also applies to baby specific food, instant formula and non-alcoholic drinks like milk.

A baggage guarantee is applied on all baggage such that any lost baggage will attract a refund of $80 USD or an equivalent of $1000 MXN. For any delayed baggage the passengers are required to inform a customer care representative so that an irregularity report specific to that baggage is filed. Should a baggage be delayed for whatsoever reasons, the airline will ensure that the baggage is restored to the passenger within 24 hours.

Any lost baggage is given a maximum of three days for restoration to the rightful owner by the airline failure to which compensation will be extended to the affected passenger. This will be done after an irregularity report specific to that baggage is filed by the affected passenger. In such a situation a passenger is required to present identification documents that identify them as the lost baggage owners. On the other hand, the airline does not accept any liability for damage of any kind on the passenger luggage but an investigation will be conducted to ascertain the cause of the damage and this will only be after an irregularity report is filed with a customer care representative.

The airline applies restrictions on certain items like any form of sharp objects cannot be allowed in passenger cabin bags. In addition to that, electronic equipment meant for industrial use are not accepted in the cabin bags. Restrictions are also applied to hair straighteners for women. They also have a provision that allows duly identified National Weather Service Personnel to carry barometers and thermometers whereas this is restricted for ordinary passengers. For passengers who would love to board the airplane with alcohol, a limit of 5 liters will be allowed per passenger but only when the manufacturer details and seals on the alcohol containers are in place. The alcohol should have a concentration that ranges from 20% to 70%.

Forbidden items are flammable gasses in any packaging, toxic chemicals, all items that can generate sparks and hover boards. Passengers are encouraged to note that all restricted items not allowed in cabin bags can be carried as checked baggage if they meet packaging requirements.

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