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Carry on luggage

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Last update: 24 Jul 2020
Carry on luggage

Baggage type: Hand luggage

Travel class: Economy

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
15.7x9.8x7.9 / 40x25x20 cm

Height: 15.7in/40cm

Length: 9.8in / 25cm

Width: 7.9in / 20cm

Number of baggages: 1 small bag


Priority ticket allows you to avail of the Priority queue and the only way to bring 2 bags into the cabin, 1 which fits under the seat in front of you and the other (max 10kg) which can be stored in the overhead locker.


Prohibited items onboard a Ryanair flight: guns, firearms or similar weapons, blunt instruments, explosives and flammable substances, pointed/edged weapons & sharp objects, chemical and toxic substances, the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels.
For a more detailed list of prohibited items please see Raynair Terms and Conditions.

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Checked luggage

Ryanair checked luggage size, allowance, checked bag fees, price
Last update: 14 Dec 2017
Checked luggage

Baggage type: Checked luggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
202x230x230in / 81x119x119cm

Height: 230in / 119cm

Length: 230in /119cm

Width: 202in / 81cm

Max allowed weight: 44lbs / 20kg

Number of baggages: 1

Luggage that fits 202x230x230in / 81x119x119cm size from AMAZON® in 1-3 days:
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You can buy checked baggage - 43lb / 20kg for a fee.
Business Plus travel class - checked baggage (43lb / 20kg) is free of charge.


Ryanair does not carry animals on flights, except for guide and assistance dogs on certain routes.

Prohibited items in your checked baggage are: explosives, including detonators, edible oil exeeding 1 litre in volume, electronic cigaretes,lithium-ion battery, flammable liquids, firearms, toys guns, gases including butane and propane. corrosives, toxic or infectious substances.

For a more detailed list of prohibited items please see Raynair Terms and Conditions.

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Full baggage policy on the official Ryanair site »


Ryanair baggage, sizes, limits, airlines luggage, baggage weight
Last update: 19 Apr 2016

There's no point in asking how they do it, their on-line booking algorithms are extremely sophisticated and the likes of Ryanair are highly successful companies. If you can get yourself a cheap flight then there is no less expensive way of going on holiday or visiting friends and relations. Unless you fall foul of their baggage policies.

Ryanair airlines allows to carry up one small bag (40 x 20 x 25cm) hand luggage free. 20kg hold luggage charge is from £15 booked in advance (£25 at the airport). The hold luggage charge depends on flight season and flight route. All information about luggage charges check on official Ryanair site.
It is clear that in addition to the price of your flight you need to pay very close attention to the amount of luggage weight you are planning to travel with.

All baggage, paying little mind to its proprietor, size, shape or appearing security is liable to seek. This tenet is all the more an obstacle than whatever else. On the off chance that gear will probably be sought without cause, it is more outlandish that perhaps hostile or risky things may be put in the baggage for travel. Furthermore, Ryanair carriers as a rule have an arrangement that they can reject gear, all of a sudden, for an assortment of reasons including yet not constrained to size, weight, character or condition.

The condition can be especially vital. Well made baggage that looks tough will have a superior shot of enduring a flight than gear in a flawed condition. They will likewise deny gear if the consideration of the baggage would damage or disadvantage other paying clients on board the flight. There is normally a baggage cut-off time. This is the time at which gear is no more permitted onto the flying machine or into checking. This is on account of the baggage must be stacked inside a specific timeframe before the flying machine taking off. This cut-off time is typically 40 to a hour preceding flight. Universal flights are typically on the higher end of the range, time-wise.

On the off chance that a client can't process the gear inside the measure of time designated they risk having their baggage and now and then they put on another flight out. On the off chance that this causes extra cost to the traveler, the carrier will once in a while regard themselves in charge of this extra cost and the cost will tumble to the client. Handled gear is fitted with baggage labels. These labels are intended to recognize the baggage with a specific end goal to get it onto the right flight and to safeguard, ought to the gear be lost, that it can be come back to the right traveler. The traveler ought to evacuate this tag after the outing as future excursions might be confounding if the gear being referred to has different labels. After the baggage is labeled and checked in it is put on a transport line and sent towards the stacking territory where it will be put into the tummy of the spot. On the off chance that all goes well, the gear will touch base in the same destination as the traveler when the traveler can go to baggage carousel, lift it up and start his or her trek.


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Full baggage policy on the official Ryanair site »

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