Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Planning a Europe Trip

Europe is one of the most pleasant places you can ever visit. And so as you plan the next destination for your trip, why not consider a European Vacation? As we speak, there is a whole industry built around facilitating trips to European countries using a well-designed Europe travel package. You even don’t need to have a previous experience in Europe as you can go online and find one detailed Europe trip planner that will guide you on the best routes to use for an enjoyable vacation. As you plan, here are eight mistakes that you should avoid making.

1. Visiting the Most Popular Cities or Countries

It is quite tragic when you set out to visit your dream destination, and once you get there, you encounter so many annoying crowds that it becomes painfully impossible to create cherished memories that perfectly match the expectations that you had while daydreaming about the trip. Actually, this is one of the most common experiences of thousands of people who visit Europe every year. Specifically, the famous cities like Rome, Paris, and London amongst others. The obvious mistake they make is that they visit the most famous cities in Europe which incidentally have very many tourists also flocking them for a similar experience. The result is a multitude of people who make it impossible to enjoy your long awaited trip. Your Europe trip planner can be a good pointer on such areas. Make good use of it.

If you dread being part of this statistic of disappointed travelers, then you need to be more strategic with your planning. Instead of visiting the most famous cities in Europe, have you ever paused and figured that you could create similar or even better yet lasting experiences by visiting other cities in Europe? Instead of Rome or Paris, you could instead pack your bags and go to Salzburg or Sochi and interact with the different cultures that you would otherwise not be exposed to. Get to have delightful conversations with the locals, entice your taste buds with new delicacies and yes, save some money as these areas tend to be much cheaper than the popular cities. And there are very many companies offering attractive Europe travel packages covering such areas.

2. Not taking time to Fully Experience a Single Place

It’s a vacation, a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy a different scenic environment that has an impressive ability to soak up all the trivialities that come with your daily life. But it will stop being one if you don’t take the time to soak up the moment and fully get immersed in it. Are you those people who usually love to rush through their vacations? Then you’re probably also those individuals who come from their vacations disappointed. And this is one the top things that people who organize a European vacation, without focus, complain about.

What causes this avoidable mistake is usually a lack of a plan on the side of the travelers especially if they don’t enlist the help of a tour guide. So before you take that trip to Europe, understand you intend to create experiences and spend some time with your Europe trip planner. Be knowledgeable about the places that you will need to visit within the same area and establish the number of days it will take you to adequately cover these areas before you even entertain the thought of moving to other regions. On average, three days is sufficient time to explore all the exciting places in a zone. In the end, you will get to save money on the particular costs due to constant moving within such a short time. If you are using the services of a professional Europe trip planner, you can be sure to get great deals for visiting some of these areas through a customized Europe travel package.

3. Staying in Boring and Distant Hotels

You are probably wondering how the hotel you pick for your Europe trip can get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable trip. Here is how; let's say you intended to visit a particular place but then you happen to choose a hotel that is very far from this location. Eventually, you will not only spend more to get back to your boring, distant hotel, but you will most likely get there tired and too worn out to do anything. Secondly, if you stay in a hotel with the most unappealing ambiance, the great experiences you create will be erased by the depressing place you choose to stay. Therefore when it comes to hotels you need to choose wisely. If need be, check out excellent Europe travel packages on offer online with good hotels that match your preferences.

Finding the ideal hotel can start with checking online reviews. Possibly, someone else has had an experience with the hotel you intend to stay in, and they have posted an opinion or two about the place, which could prove helpful to you eventually. Additionally, check out photos of the hotel online beforehand just to establish if they offer you the perfect ambiance to top up an incredible trip. Guidebooks can also go a long way in helping you with this exercise.

4. A lack of spontaneity in Their Plans

The problem with ideas, especially if they do not make some space for spontaneity, is that they are quite limiting. If you are keen on operating with a plan, then ensure that it does not make your trip so rigid that you’d forgo exploring a place that can offer you more fun because, well, it was not part of the plan or it is expensive.

If you sit down with most experienced travelers, they would tell you the only planning that you do should be that which involves you organizing the essentials you will need for your trip. Ideally, plan for the amount you can afford to spend and then make an allowance for emergencies at your destination with a provision for change of plans, organize your travel documents and make bookings for your air ticket and hotels. But leave the course of the trip to spontaneity.

5. Planning to Visit the Whole Continent at a single Go

Europe is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will still be in existence a thousand more years to come. Therefore, it is devastating to imagine that one would attempt to visit most of this breathtaking continent on a single trip without taking their time to interact with the diverse cultures of the continent that have been developing throughout the history of Europe. The approach to enjoying Europe is to focus on a single country or better yet a specific place within a country and enjoying all that it has to offer.  

Focus will enable you to make new lifelong friends who will forever be grateful that you took the time to come and experience their way of life. It could expose you to new recipes on popular delicacies that you could always try out to bring back memories of the places you have been to before. The exposure you will get from interacting with how other people do things in life would be what gives that life changing experience that you are seeking. And you can only achieve this by being determined to get the full experience of a place through some focus.

6. Choosing the wrong Travel Buddies

The people you choose to travel with you are just as important as the places you decide to visit and the hotels you opt to stay in. Unfortunately, most of us do not put much thought in choosing the people that we pick to travel with. Only to be astonished when we get to our destinations, and they happen to be what we least expected them to be. You find yourselves having pointless arguments on the activities to do, how much to spend and on what. Well, this is clearly something you don’t want to go through especially if you have spent several years or months planning your dream trip to Europe. 

Fortunately, there are several things that you can use to settle on just the right travel buddy. First, you need to ensure that the person that you bring along will not entirely depend on you for funding their needs during the trip. Apart from that, they have to be someone who is adventurous in nature. You don’t want a travel mate who’d rather be on Skype than join you for a wild night in one of popular night spots in Europe. Further, ensure that this person has the same interests as you, this way you can get to agree on most things without a fight developing between you two. Their energy levels should also be similar to yours so that when you decide to do something during your trip both of you are totally committed to it. Remember what we said about spontaneity? You need to evaluate this person to establish if they are flexible to swiftly adapt to change of plans as the situation will demand. Your travel buddy has to be someone who has been known to you for a while, and you share a relationship that is close to that of best friends.

7. The Fear of Travelling Solo

Your preferred travel mate might not be available to travel with you, but this does not mean that you now have to shelve all your travel plans reluctantly. You’d be shocked at how much fun you can have while on a solo trip to Europe. There is nothing to fear; the people are fantastic, and the security is okay. You can go on and have the best trip ever.

However, there are several measures you can put in place to stay both assured of your safety and guarantee a successful journey. To begin with, you can have an accountability partner who you will stay connected to online so that your whereabouts are well known to them in case of anything. It could be a close friend or a family member, keep them updated on regular intervals as your trip allows. Ensure you pack all your essential items in your carry-on bag so that you can still have your important stuff in your possession when you lose your luggage. Simplicity is key, don’t wear or look expensive and keep to open spaces where there is a good number of people. So many people are also traveling solo so you can make friends out of them and share experiences about your trips. Finally, ensure you have as much fun as possible, traveling alone is not synonymous to boredom. 

8. Planning Their Trips to coincide with summer

Incidentally, almost everyone who goes to Europe for their vacation always picks summer as the ideal time. Understandably, summer comes with that beautiful sun that will allow you the freedom to indulge yourself in all manner of activities, but it is not the ideal time to enjoy Europe. The reason being, since many people travel to Europe during this period, the prices of almost everything you intend to use is off the roof. From the hotels to transportation, mention it! So unless you plan to spend more for a trip, you could spend much less for, avoid traveling in summer. The summer months in Europe start in April and stretch all the way to October.

All in all some cities tend to experience low numbers during certain months of the peak season. For instance, whereas it is expected that July and August should be peak seasons defined by crowds, in Pairs the numbers are quite low during these months. So you can do some search or work with your Europe trip planner to establish which cities commonly experience low numbers during certain times of the peak seasons and plan your trip around that. You can opt to have your trip to be during the low season which will afford you the opportunity to avoid the crowds and still enjoy the cities. However, there are several disadvantages to this, most low seasons are winter periods and in many parts of Europe, this means short hours as the darkness usually sets in as early as 5 pm. So many places will be closed by that time. Cold weather also means that you will need to invest in warm clothing to counter the cold and the snow may prevent you from experiencing the sites in their true representation.

So as you plan your European vacation, avoid going to the most popular countries especially during the busy peak seasons. Ensure that you allocate yourself enough time to enjoy the places you will visit. Book the best hotel to top up your European experience. As you make an allowance for some spontaneity, don’t plan to travel all over the content at once, but take the time to fully experience as single place. You have the option to travel alone or with your buddies but whichever case, ensure that you thoroughly enjoy yourself. Hence, as you use your Europe trip planner to help you customize your European vacation, also have these tips in mind.

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