Carry on baggage

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Last update: 22 Nov 2016
Carry on baggage

Baggage type: Carry on

Travel class: Economy, Option Classes

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
51 x 40 x 23cm / 20 x 16 x 9in

Height: 51cm / 20in

Length: 40cm / 16in

Width: 23cm / 9in

Max allowed weight: 10kg / 22lbs

Number of baggages: 1


For Club Class passangers allowance of carry-on baggage - 15kg / 33lb.

For Domestic routes within Canada Option Class - no allowance.

Baggage dimensions for all classes baggage - 23 x 40 x 51 cm /9 x 16 x 20 in, including wheels and handles.

Full baggage policy on the official Air Transat site »

Checked baggage

Checked baggage
Last update: 13 Jan 2023
Checked baggage

Baggage type: Checked Baggage

Max total allowed size (Height + Length + Width):
not exceed total 62in / 158cm with handles & wheels

Max allowed weight: 23kg / 51lbs


Please, before traveling read all baggage information on oficial airlines site.

Baggage weight and dimensions depend on different routes and classes.

Full baggage policy on the official Air Transat site »

Claim Information

Claim Information
Last update: 22 Nov 2016

If your baggage is lost or delayed read all information on official Air Transat site »


Last update: 24 Nov 2016

Air Transat is a Canadian travel airline and it carries about 3 million passengers to more than 60 destinations in 30 countries every year with fleet of Boeing and airbus wide-body jets every year. It is a holiday travel specialist and it operates mainly in countries like Canada, Europe, Mexico, etc. Air Transat ensures it reduces its ecological footprint, and even brought about a new policy called environmental policy.

The appropriate size of hand luggage for every passenger must not be more than 23kg in the economy class. The option plus class requires a piece of luggage with a weight of 23kg also with each passenger, but for recent bookings, two pieces of luggage weigh up to 23kg. The club class permits 32kg for each luggage for a passenger. The total dimensions of any checked luggage must not be more than 158cm and if it is, it will be classified as a cargo and it takes a minimum of 48 hours to book the luggage as cargo before the flight.

One bag and one personal item like a laptop bag or briefcase is allowed for each passenger to carry. All carry-on luggage must fit under the seat in front of the passenger or in the overhead bin. The carry-on luggage must have a maximum weight of 10kg in the economy class and 15kg in the club class

One pushchair and one car seat will be made available free of charge for each child. It is necessary to note that excess infant equipment will be charged to the parent’s baggage allowance and other charges can be applied for excess pieces.

There are various limitations involved which include; inability to accept luggage transferred from a different airline and Air Transat doesn’t help transfer luggage to other airlines. Frugal, perishable, disposable articles such as audio/video devices, laptop/computers, money, medical devices, business documents, and very other valuables except from clothes won’t be accepted as checked baggage. It is important to know that the carrier isn’t responsible for any damage done to fragile valuables because of the quality of the valuables in question.

Air Transat also makes sure the checked baggage is carried on the same flight with the passenger. If in any situation, the baggage isn’t carried on the same flight with the individual, it is carried on the next flight and it is delivered free of charge as fast of possible except in cases whereby it is needed for the passenger to be present for customs clearance.

Also, the transport of food products is subject to various scrutiny, any edible leaving the country must adhere to the regulations of the passenger’s destination. To prevent confiscation and additional fees by the local authorities, it is advisable to consult the destination country consulate for necessary information. If packed appropriately and in accordance with the customs and security regulations, it is accepted as carry-on or checked luggage.

Air Transat is a leading airline which offers the best service and have their customers satisfaction in mind.

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