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Hand baggage

Hand baggage, carry on baggage, baggage limits, sizes
Last update: 18 Mar 2016
Hand baggage

Baggage type: Hand baggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
22x18X10in / 56x45x25cm

Height: 22in / 56cm

Length: 18in / 45cm

Width: 10in / 25cm

Max allowed weight: 21 lb / 10 kg

Number of baggages: 1 + 1 personal item

Luggage that fits 22x18X10in / 56x45x25cm size from AMAZON® in 1-3 days:
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You are allowed to have small personal item to carry on: laptop bag, hand bag, etc.


You can carry e-cigarettes in your hand luggage. E-cigarettes in checked baggage are prohibited. 

You can take Your wedding dress in the hand luggage if it does not exceed 10 kg and fits into hand luggage dimensions.


To use e-cigarettes are not allowed during the flight.

Howerboards are not allowed in Your hand and checked baggage.

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Checked baggage

Checked baggage, luggage, sizes, airlines, limits
Last update: 18 Mar 2016
Checked baggage

Baggage type: Checked baggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
No restriction

Max allowed weight: 47lb / 22kg

Number of baggages: 3

Luggage that fits No restriction size from AMAZON® in 1-3 days:
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One luggage can not exceed 32 kg weight.

Each kilo of excess baggage charged 12GBP / 18EUR tax.

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Jet2 baggage, luggage, sizes, limits, claim, fare
Last update: 19 Apr 2016

Jet2 baggage fees and allowances

If you are traveling with Jet2 airlines and you are not aware of the restriction, weight, claim and the limits that you are supposed to carry on, then you should read on to get in-depth information, before you book your air ticket. This article will help you prepare in advance and be in the know on what baggage that you ought to carry to reduce your overall expenses.

All passengers that are booking with the airline are supposed to carry one piece of cabin luggage. The luggage should be in the dimension of 56 x 45 x 25 cm and it should also not exceed weight 10 kg; if you happen to carry on any luggage that surpasses the restrictions and the dimensions specified, you will have to bag out extra charges.

The airplane has the obligation of refusing any luggage that is beyond the specified weight depending on the passengers that have boarded. The other option is including your baggage as a hold baggage. In case that you bring other items like laptop and a handbag, they can be stored in the overhead compartment or just ahead of you, in the front seat.

Jet2 checked baggage fee allows passengers to check in with up to 22kg pieces of baggage per person. However, any overweight and heavy luggage will face extra charges. The allowance fees for any baggage will depend on the destination and the weight of your baggage.
You can sometimes experience damage or loss of your luggage and the first thing that you can do is to inform the staff at the arrival airport and you will be presented with a property irregularity report. This report will help you claim your luggage.

However if you luggage happens to delay due to an avoidable circumstances, you will be provided with a telephone number that you will be informed when your luggage is found.

There are items that you are not supposed to have in your luggage. They are restricted items and should adhere to the rules of Jet2 airlines. These items are knives, plastic catapults, razor blades, toy guns, scissors and any trade tools.

These items will be screened and they are not allowed in the plane. However, you can carry any sporting equipment but they must be in the size of 6ft x 3 ft with a maximum weight of 20kg. This rules exempt bicycles that normally pass the weight above.

If you are traveling with an infant and you are carry a push chair or car seats, you will not be charged anything in the hold, but if the combined weight is more than 10kg, you will have to pay for the excess baggage.

Before you make your booking with Jet2 airlines, it is important that you label your luggage with your number and your name. You should also not pack perishable goods, valuable items, and important items that might get lost. If you are carrying e-cigarettes and tobacco make sure that they are in the hand allowance baggage.Jet2 is not liable to any perishable items and items that are fragile.

Jet2 airlines strongly recommend that all passengers wishing to travel with the airline, obtain travel cover insurance.

Full baggage policy on the official Jet2 site »

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