The Best 5 Travel Activities For Toddlers On a Plane

The ability of adults to sit still and endure a long flight is not something that kids have. As it is in their nature, kids are always on the lookout for things that they can play with since sitting still does not rank anywhere close as one of their favorite things to do. Therefore, if you intend to contain their restlessness on both short and long haul flights you need to line up several travel games for toddlers that will keep them engaged. Over time, parents have discovered that the best activities when traveling with a toddler are those that are both fun and engaging to their imagination. It could be a card travel game for toddlers, a magic trick, their favorite book series, a moment of exploration using some binoculars, or their favorite video games. These rank as some of the traditional travel activities for toddlers.

1. Play a Card Game with Them

One amazing activity to consider when traveling with a toddler that will keep them both engaged and entertained all throughout the length of the flight is a card game. The beauty of card games is the fact that, in most games played, you need to be able to exhaust all the cards in your hands, and this can take time, and if the game is so much fun to them you have the right past time activity. Take for instance a game of UNO whereby you have to match the cards either as per their colors or their numbers, until the players have used all their cards, given there are usually 108 cards in a deck, you have something that will keep the toddler engaged for an extended period. For this to work, however, you need to ensure they are familiar with the game. Otherwise, you will have to struggle amidst the short attention span that is common to toddlers.

2. Magic Tricks can be a Good Past time Activity

After they get bored with the card games, you can fish out a trick or two from a set of magic tricks that you have rehearsed. Toddlers get easily amused with magic tricks and the simpler the magic trick, the better as long as they get to participate in the magic trick so that you spend some time with the activity. A good example of a magic trick, which will attract their participation is one that involves you making an object like a coin disappear from your hands then asking them to search for it before you make it magically appear in their pockets after they are done searching. Also remember that to make magic tricks as much fun as possible you have to accompany them with some humorous small talk using funny voices to keep the toddler entertained. As you do this, be careful not to be a distraction to the other passengers by maintaining your voice to a minimum. Otherwise, this is a good travel game for toddlers.

Watch video lesson how to make a coin DISAPPEAR in your hand!

3. Bring Along The Toddlers Favorite Book series

Obviously, the best travel activities for toddlers are those that indulge their imagination, and nothing is better at this than books. To toddlers, it doesn't matter whether they have read some book before they will always find it interesting when they sit to read it again. For this reason, when traveling with a toddler, go for a book series that they can keep reading one after the other and don’t hesitate to read with them if they request you to. Apart from keeping them entertained books can quickly send them to sleep after some time spent in reading. So books easily qualify as one of your best bets when it comes to activities to keep them entertained. However, you need to do some planning so that the books have some space beside the carry-on items you intend to pack in your hand luggage so that you are not forced to either pack some essential items as your checked baggage or pay excess baggage fees.

4. Use Travel Games for Toddlers like Exploration

Since planes in most cases fly over scenic places, you can engage your toddler’s curiosity by letting them explore the world below. To make this a possibility, bring with you a good pair of binoculars and book for them the window seat so that they have the best position to do their exploration. With this activity, you have the option of letting them do the exploration by themselves, or you can participate by taking turns in checking the views so that you get to educate them on the features you encounter below especially if you are flying over familiar spaces. Alternatively, you can find out the route your plane is going to be taking then create a simple map for them highlighting these features then let them try and locate them on their own during the journey. You can pack a few goodies for them as a reward for every feature they manage to locate.

5. Take Advantage of Digital Entertainment

The current generations of kids are well acquainted with digital entertainment, which can be a good pick as one of the key travel activities for toddlers. For this option, you are open to choose between in-flight entertainment and digital video games that you can bring along since they are, in most cases, not part of the toddler entertainment package. You’d be surprised that most carriers today have hundreds of channels dedicated to children from cartoons to just educative films that they can watch and learn a thing or two. The good thing with in-flight entertainment is that it can keep them engaged for quite some time as they have so much to choose from with the option of switching from one channel to the next if they get bored. In the case of video games, if your toddler is used to their video games, ensure you pack it for them since what they are used to has the highest potential to generate immediate interest and keep them engaged for a long time. 

Of course, our list of travel activities for toddlers is not exhaustive as there are thousands of other activities that you can consider while traveling with a toddler but these will most likely cut across as fun things to do for most kids. You can pick one or use them in combination according to the duration of your flight, but one thing you need to have in mind is that you have to plan effectively to ensure that adequate time as is possible is spent on each activity. You probably don’t want a situation whereby you exhaust all the prescheduled activities within the first ten minutes of the flight, do you?

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