The Best Way How to Survive Overnight Flights

Gone are the days when flying was so glamorous. Now, airplanes have smaller seats and cramped leg space, while most airlines have additional charges for everything - including snacks and luggage. However, that does not mean that we have to accept everything and just endure travelling by air. Actually, there are many different ways to improve your travel experience, even with the safety regulations and snoring passengers beside you.

Now, let us start with the first tip.

Take Along a Sleep Kit

You can buy a sleep kit, which is available in majority of airport gift shops, or make your own and keep it in your luggage. A sleep kit usually comes with a travel pillow with a U-shape and an eye mask to block the sunlight and glare.

Also bring some earplugs to help block out unwanted sound. If you have an extra budget, go for noise-cancelling headphones since these can make a lot of difference. They have the ability to cancel out the noise such as the cry of babies and sounds released by aircraft engine even if you are listening music through them.

One last thing you should not forget to bring is a large shawl or small blanket, which you may want to store in your sleep kit. This because it is almost impossible to sleep without one when it is too cold. In the past, airlines provided blankets, but nowadays, they charge extra for them.

Bring a Small and Light Carry-On

At present, majority of airlines require passengers to pay extra for checked luggage, no matter what the weight. For this reason, everybody is trying to squeeze in their clothes and gear meant for their 2-week vacation into their carry-on or small backpack, making it a lot heavier than its owner. Keep in mind that flight attendants can make life a little more difficult for those who bring a lot of stuff into the cabin. Even while boarding, they will insist on checking it.

Just follow the guidelines to avoid inconvenience. Bring a small and light carry-on suitcase, which is easy to lift up into the overhead bin. You are also allowed to bring an extra bag, either a purse or laptop bag. This should be able to fit in the space beneath the seat in front, but make sure that there is enough space for your feet.

Prior to Departure, Check the Latest Regulations

Ever since the 911 incident, airline regulations have changed from time to time. If at one time it is okay to bring a shampoo bottle in travel size, next time in can be confiscated for going over the carry-on liquid size limit. Before, laptops were allowed in the pocket of the backseat, but not anymore. According to the latest rules, they need to be kept underneath the seat or in the overhead bin, just as your other carry-on stuff.

Avoid the hassle of learning the rules at the last minute by checking the Transportation Security Administration website and that of the airline you will use for travel. Here, you will be able to view the most recent regulations. Share them with your travel buddies as well so that you can all avoid any problems.

An airplane travel pillow should be comfortable, but it should also be easy to store in a carry-on bag. In comparison tests and reviews of travel pillows, many writers value portability as highly as they value comfort. Although travel pillows can be used on any seat in a plane, reviewers say most work best in a window seat, where the side of the plane will provide extra support.

Inflatable travel pillows are the easiest to transport; when deflated they can fold down to the size of a wallet. What's more, the firmness of these pillows can be controlled by the amount of air you blow into them, and most need only a few breaths to inflate. Most inflatable neck pillows come with a fabric cover that can be removed for cleaning.

Of all travel pillows, the inflatable Travel Rest pillow receives the most reviews, almost all of which are positive. The Travel Rest pillow is thin and long and meant to be worn across the body like a sash; you can then lean your head on your shoulder. The top part is rounded for the head, the bottom tapered. The faux-velvet cover comes in three colours: red, blue and grey. Deflated, the Travel Rest weighs just over 10 ounces and measures 2 inches by 9 inches, and it can be rolled up to fit in a carry-on bag. The pillow is designed to be held in place with a tether that can be looped over the headrest and a flap that can be connected to the seatbelt. Some reviewers complain that on some planes, the cord might cover the TV screen of the seat behind.

Today a lot of airlines are cutting costs by removing travel pillows but that doesn't mean that you have to give up your comfort. Some are inflatable, washable, solid and most are easy to travel with, a travel pillow supports your neck and head, providing comfort and helping to avoid pain in travelling far distances.

It is very easy for the head and neck to become misaligned while sleeping, especially for those who have to sleep on a plane, train, or in hotels constantly without a regular pillow. The support that they can provide can save a lot of sore throats and neck pains, and can also keep people from snoring so much. When the head is improperly supported, the neck muscles can easily become strained and sore. Not only that, but the throat can become lax and closed up, which creates the snoring and sleep apnea. Blood pressure can increase (which of course is not healthy) and circulation to the brain can even be limited because of improper neck support.

There are also some travel pillows that are filled with water, gel, cotton blends, and other substances as well, even simple foam. You may want to start out with one that is cheaper that if filled with a regular filling like cotton or foam, then if you find that you can really feel a difference and you seem to be resting better you can then move up to more expensive, more supportive ones. Many people today prefer the organic pillows, and the ones that have buckwheat or millet hulls in them are also 99% dust free and are considered hypo allergenic. Try your luck with travel pillows you may find that you have been missing out!

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