Southwest Airlines baggage

Southwest Airlines checked baggage size, policy, fees, carry on luggage rules, baggage policies, weight

Carry on baggage

Carry on baggage size, rules, luggage policies, weight
Last update: 16 Mar 2016
Carry on baggage

Baggage type: Carry on baggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
24x16x10in / 60x40x25cm

Number of baggages: 1+1 small bag

Luggage that fits 24x16x10in / 60x40x25cm size from AMAZON® in 1-3 days:
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Personal items (small bag) are: purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops (case included).


The list of items, that are not included as personal item:

  • A child restraint device for a ticketed child with a reserved seat or when complimentary, available space exists.
  • Assistive/mobility devices for individuals with a disability. There is no limit to the number of assistive/mobility devices a Customer can bring onboard the aircraft.
  • Outer garments or other wearable articles of clothing.
  • Food for consumption during flight contained in disposable packaging.
  • Walking canes or umbrellas are not included as personl item.


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Checked baggage

Checked baggage size, policy, fees, rules, checked luggage weight
Last update: 16 Mar 2016
Checked baggage

Baggage type: Checked baggage

Max total allowed size (Height + Length + Width):
not exceed total 62in / 157cm with handles & wheels

Max allowed weight: 50lbs / 23kg

Number of baggages: 2

Luggage that fits this size from AMAZON® in 1-3 days:
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Two checked baggage are allowed for one ticked customer.

Military Passengers traveling on active duty or permanent change of station orders will be exempt from the two-piece Baggage limit and will not be subject to excess, oversize, or overweight Baggage charges, provided that none of the pieces of Baggage exceeds 100 pounds in weight and 80 inches in size (L+W+H).


Southwest Airlines currently prohibits self-defense sprays on any flight regardless if it is checked or carried on.

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Baggage, luggage, claim, limits, sizes, restricted items
Last update: 19 Apr 2016

Southwest Airlines Guidelines and Rules

The guidelines and rules that travelers are supposed to follow are somehow similar to all airlines. These rules include allowance, weight, sizes, restricted items, baggage claim. Southwest Airlines are no different to other airlines, so they have restrictive measures in place to ensure smooth journey to their passengers.

The transport safety administration rules, in relation to the items that are carried, are applicable to all airlines. Your baggage has to be checked and all the items that are not needed in the airplane are screened out. Likewise Southwest Airlines have limitations that have been put in place to check: weight, cost, claim and other rules.

Southwest Airlines baggage policy and the checking methods are outstanding and they are friendly to their customers. The cargo screening is high tech and it incorporates savvy IT experts that use advanced x-ray detection for airport baggage and weight cargo.

In order for choosing flights with their airlines, Southwest does not charge for the first two checked baggage. This is contrary to other airlines that charge the first bag and the second bag. Southwest airlines also accepts luggage that are not more than 62 linear inches.

This means that the luggage that you are carrying must be in equal measures in size and length. However, if you have a larger luggage, you will be charged slightly higher. The baggage that are larger then 62 linear inches can be accepted but must be within 80 linear inches. All the bags and luggage that you have must be until 50lbs weight.

If you are carrying luggage that is between 50 and 100 lbs, you will be charged a higher tax. This is because baggage that is 100 lbs weight has to be shipped as air cargo. You will be required to meet other stringent rules.

There are cases that your baggage might be damaged on flight or your bags can be lost. Southwest will ensure your baggage. The first rule to any lost luggage is to report about it within four hours after plane arrival at the airport. Look at the claim rules on the airline's official site.

Some items can be carried in the plane and they cannot be counted as carry-on baggage. These items include canes, umbrellas and other minor items that you may wish to carry.

Restricted items, such as sharp and heavy items, are not allowed in the plane cabin. You are not allowed to carry knives, bats and clubs in your carry-on baggage. Gels and liquids are subject to other special restriction. However, you can take any foods that are for a baby and products which are not restricted to any rules. If you are planning to travel soon, you must choose Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines baggage fees are friendly and affordable to all customers.

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