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Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage, economy class, weight, limits, children on board
Last update: 17 Nov 2016
Cabin Baggage

Baggage type: Cabin Baggage

Max allowed size (Height x Length x Width):
56 x 45 x 25cm / 22 x 18 x 10 in

Max total allowed size (Height + Length + Width):
not exceed total 115 cm / 45 in with handles & wheels

Height: 56cm / 22in

Length: 45cm /18in

Width: 25cm / 10in

Max allowed weight: 5kg / 11lb

Number of baggages: 1

Checked baggage

checked baggage, allowance, bag weight, restricted items
Last update: 17 Nov 2016
Checked baggage

Travel class: L class

Max allowed weight: 30kg / 66lbs


N/M/Q Class ticket baggage allowance - 35kg / 77lb;

V/Y/I Class - 40kg / 88lb;

C Class - 45kg/ 99lb;

J Class - 50kg / 110lb.



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Last update: 22 Nov 2016

Iran Air, which is one of the most trusted air transport provider offers one an opportunity to have baggage during their journey. However, to avoid inconveniences and confusions, there are stipulated guidelines which govern the nature of the baggage one can be allowed to travel with. Given the sensitive nature of air transport, Iran air observes strict instructions when it comes to baggage. What is the maximum weight for cabin baggage when travelling with Iran air? Is there restrictions to what one can carry as they are travelling? Perhaps these are some of the questions lingering in your mind at the moment. How about we flex muscles and delve into the nitty-gritty details of Iran air baggage policies?

Depending on the flight class, there are stipulated weights which a traveler can carry. For instance, a passenger travelling with the economy class is only allowed to have a carry-on baggage of 5kg maximum. A passenger travelling on business class is allowed to carry a baggage of 7kg maximum. These weights are strictly observed at all times to ensure that each and every passage adheres to them.

On the other hand, dimensions are also strictly observed when one is travelling with Iran Air. The standard size or dimensions of a hand baggage as per the Iran Air policy is expected to be (45*30*20). Any baggage that does not comply or conform to the desired dimensions is not allowed into the flight.

While baggage and several goods are allowed by Iran Air, there are some restrictions to what one can come with for the flight. For instance, valuable goods are not allowed on board at any particular time since this would jeopardize the safety of the aircraft and the other passengers on board. Liquids are also not allowed on board as well as dangerous products which would pose risk to other passengers on board.

For passengers holding economy class ticket, their baggage policies are somehow different. Those holding economy class ticket are allowed to carry a baggage of 30kg maximum. On the other hand, those holding business ticket are allowed to carry up to 40kg weight of checked baggage.While a baby on board is allowed where one keeps the baby on their feet, one can always pay for a second child at a 50% discount.

While the information above represents the maximum weight of the baggage allowed on board, any excess weight is charged at 15 euro per every kg. This means that if one want to carry more baggage, they might have to dig deeper into their pockets to foot the extra charges. It is however worth noting that depending on the ticket one holds, they can determine their maximum weight as per the policies of Iran Air. In cases where their is loss of baggage, one can always launch a baggage claim with Iran Air for appropriate action to be taken.

In a jiffy, Iran Air has put up those weight restrictions in order to ensure stability and safety during flight. With recent escalation in air accidents resulting in massive loss of life, Iran Air observes all necessary safety precautions. Monitoring the nature of baggage being carried is one precaution for ensuring utmost safety during flight for all passengers on board.

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